How to Access Your Akashic Records {As heard on the Podcast}

How to access the akashic records:

The first thing you need to understand is that imagination is the vehicle.  Many times my students say to me, “I think I’m just making this up”. Clairvoyance is literally placed in your imagination so if you close your eyes right now and you visualize your forehead, the inside of your forehead is like looking at a screen. To put yourself in the front of your forehead means you’re in your mind’s eye. Can you picture a screen there?  Because the thing is, the visions you see when looking at your Akashic appears like a movie that is generated or projected on the screen by using your imagination! Your imagination is a vehicle. I want you to really let that sink in; especially if you’re training to be a medium or psychic.  In clairvoyant work, it is very important that you understand that your Clairvoyance  (your seeing your psychic seeing) is there to help you do your job. Your other job is ask yourself or learn that this imagination is what you are meant to be seeing.  Imagination is the vehicle and this is your gift.

 Remember when you were a child how you when all you did was use your imagination?

What are the akashic records?

 Close your eyes and picture in your mind’s eye (in your imagination) a very large book. It is very large because it contains every word, every thought, every experience, all relationships, everything you have ever said out loud is written here.  Everything Jesus said everything. Every word Buddha said. Everything Harry down the street said.  Everything that you have said is recorded in this supercomputer or the Superbook. When you cross over you will have access to this book (when it’s your time) and you will go to the book and you will be shown certain things, certain movies of your life experiences; both from your perspective and also  from other people’s perspective! The best thing is that you can access it now.

How do I access them?

 By going into meditation, if  you wish to access your akashic records, you actually have to go through a sacred process. Certain teachers will teach that you have to say a prayer before. There is something you have to say or follow that is in accordance to the methods of the proper and appropriate methods to tuning in order to enter/access the akashic records. You can say something like: ” I ask with love that I may be granted permission to my records for the purpose of……with gratitude and love”. Tuning into your soul is also involved. I begin by taking deep breaths; and  I recommend doing little bit of sacred breath work first. I set my intention yet you need to understand that you can only ask,  you cannot demand:  I want my akashic record right now!  

Say a prayer of protection, call in your Spirit Guides and then once you can imagine you are in the library, give first and last name. When we get to the top there will appear a door. Again knowing that you ask permission to go in the door. You will probably see in your mind’s eye a Guardian of some kind before you. It is usually an elder male or an animal.  Once you are ok to pass, you will enter into a vast library.  I describe it as an invisible library. Kind of like a mirage or a projection that you are standing in.

As you approach it, you can then ask to read or see: future,  future lives, the now moment, your past  and past lives. Respectfully state: May I please have access to ________’s record and he will open a page to you.  If you’re allowed to see it, you can see it.  If it is deemed by Spirit that you are not allowed to see it, it will be due to the fact that you would find out the ending!

Can you change the outcomes?

You can change the records, you can change the future events but certain events must happen for your learning and growth.  My favourite idea is connecting or reading one of your past lives. It will reveal to you why you do things or who you know and the specific relationships you’re in. The key is to make the connection from why they’ve were in the past life and how it affects you now. Also, your skills and talents come with you from past lives!

Remember this entire process must be executed in a respectful energy with your request.  You have to look at it as being sacred. It is Divine. It is not up to you and you can’t force anything.

Anything of ego or based on conditions would not be allowed anywhere near your akashic record.  There has to be an opening of surrender, of trust, of understanding and allowing what you are here to learn. If it is deemed that you are not to know certain information, they will simply close the book.  

Why access the Akashic?

In order to learn certain lessons, you must ask: What is this teaching me? In order to change, you want to grow in your experience, you want to transform yourself,  you want to understand the  relationships that you have ie. a problem with a partner. There is no coincidence and it will always an important reason why you have someone in your life you to teach you something.  Many of the people that you know now, you knew in a past life and it would be in your akashic records.

All of the information you read can only be true. That’s really important to understand that whatever you see or you read or hear when you access the akashic records, you must know it’s true.

To have your own Akashic Record reading:

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