Psychic Predictions: The Freedom Convoy February 9

WOW! Talk about intense energy that has been building momentum over the past two weeks. I personally was blessed to travel to the capital city and witness this POWERFUL experience for 24 hours. I witnessed LOVE, pure joy, relief, happiness, dancing, glee, jubilee and well, to be honest LOUD-NESS. I take with me the emotional turbulence both within my own Soul and of those witnessing history unfolding before our eyes. We hold our breath wondering, “What’s going to happen next”? Luckily for you, you know a Psychic who has gained access to all aspects of this beautiful timeline….;)

Here are the newest predictions I received February 8th and 9th:

Sophie Trudeau will write a tell-all book (in a few years)
Biden will pass in the Spring of 2022

Almost all mandates will be lifted March 2022

MASS EXODUS (an occasion where everyone leaves a place at the same time)

“The truth shall be named” – a quote I heard yet do not understand yet.

Putin pushes a red button.

Jen Abra

Voted Dufferin County’s #1 Psychic

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2 responses to “Psychic Predictions: The Freedom Convoy February 9”

  1. Crystal Larouche Avatar
    Crystal Larouche

    Hey Jen. Hope life is keeping you well. Last year you had a prediction about zombies. Many people recently have been talking about zombies.

    Do you think any of those predictions have to do with what is coming up Soon?



    1. Hi. Crystal. I don’t remember predicting zombies. Do you have that post to remindme?


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