Summer 2022 Predictions

Oh boy! I have been hanging onto most of these crazy :0 predictions for almost a month now. I have a really big list for you to read over and as always, see if you can read them from a place of preparedness rather than fear.

(Psychic’s note: a new way of “reading’ has occurred over the last little while and now I’m receiving them claircognizantly (remember clear-knowing) instead of clairvoyantly (psychic seeing) It’s exciting to witness your spiritual gifts growing organically and be able to serve your community :))

  • Locust storms
  • Spraying crops for control over food production
  • System overrides (computers being locked or randomly shutting down)
  • All will be held accountable for their crimes against humanity”
  • A large A.I Army(robots) in an Airplane hangar
  • Wayne Gretzky will open his own “bank”
  • From April 2022:
  • a new airborne virus “Ebola”
  • Hepatitis C is in the shot
  • Mandatory Ebola vax
  • Pat King released from jail
  • Subliminal “coding” in a high-pitched frequency being played in your ears. (ie. Youtube Hz meditations/ a machine that is built for sound distribution
  • Man on the Moon didn’t happen. Buzz Aldridge was an actor/friends with Ronald Reagan

Newest: May 15

  • The Canadian Govt will announce a plan to limit parents to only have TWO children; claiming climate change
  • The spiritual community (social media) has been infiltrated and is now a “program” (using terms such as “container’, “holding space”, “sis-star” etc
  • Yeast/grain shortage
  • More frequent glitches while you are on camera on your computer.
  • Major riots/fires in the U.S protesting NWO/WHO

Jen Abra

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