Psychic Predictions *As Heard on the Podcast* July ’22 to Fall ’22

I didn’t realize I had only shared the *craziest* psychic predictions on The Singing Medium Podcast! I trust that those who are not fans of podcasts would also like to know some of the strangest future events to come…

Psychic’s note: My timeline for how long it takes for the posted predictions will take to come to fruition is ONE year now.

Trigger warning:

  • Hired employees of gov’t will begin to knock on doors to see if citizens VAXxed
  • There is now a sub-MATRIX within the Spiritual Community
  • Canada Day boycotts
  • Gas station boycotts
  • Lizzo paid TikTok to promote her song and created the dance 
  • Gov will unalive livestock for the Biodigital Convergence plan <read here>.
  • A simulated “Purge” day (like the movie) is being discussed-the gov is solely focused on de-population 
  • 3D printing of meat
  • “National un-aliving day” announcement
  • White vans driving around neighbourhoods
  • There is subliminal programming in specific television shows.

You can listen to past psychic episodes here: Psychic Predictions *As Heard on the Podcast* July ’22 to Fall ’22

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