June 2022 and beyond Psychic Predictions

If you’re not a podcasting kind of person, you haven’t heard my latest psychic predictions I received in June for the upcoming timelines and beyond. Not to worry, I am ready to share them with you here on the blog NOW. As always, I am so grateful when you share with me when you see these coming true-whether it’s mere weeks or even months later. After all, my visions are seen way before they are experienced in our collective. I have noticed that my visions do cross over to other countries (not limited to Canada) so keep that in mind. The Dutch Farmer Convoy is viewed similarly to our Freedom Convoy, for example. 🙂

Here are the possible outcomes:

  • Pierre Poilievre will win Conservative Leadership and has potential to be PM.
  • A new type of Farmaid event will occur.
  • Dragonflies having cameras on them
  • PESTILENCE (a fatal insect disease that make people ill)
  • People will begin to appear looking older (strangely: due to V and CERN)
  • Trudeau will be outed and proved to be a pedophile.
  • More 5G towers being burned and taken down by angry climate change advocates.
  • Attack in Paris.

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