Unbelievable Psychic Predictions {As Heard on the Podcast}

I can’t believe how many psychic predictions there have been or rather how many I have received and shared over the past two years. There are probably over 200 of them and some of them are beginning to manifest-since my “psychic timeline” is usually around 2 years, that makes a lot of sense why you are seeing them come true now. And seemingly, all at once!

As I stated on episode 42 of The Singing Medium podcast, I received only TWO new predictions after being sick for three weeks. While I was sick, I made a deal with Spirit to discontinue the “downloads” for a while so I could rest and heal. This is the main reason why you don’t hear from the psychic blog as much. 😉 I had also forgotten some of the psychic visions I received back in January 2021 were still in my notes on my iPhone and not shared with you! So go listen to the new episode titled, ” The Freaky Dream” and you will hear those ones I missed.

For today, I am sharing the ones on the last episode:

  1. Lady Gaga will go through some kind of trauma having to do with her privacy.
  2. The “Freedom Convoy” will block the train/railroad system.
  3. Princess Anne will become Queen.

For more, put on your headphones and visit:

https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-freaky-dream/id1519433942?i=1000580361125: Unbelievable Psychic Predictions {As Heard on the Podcast}

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