UPDATE ON CERN **PLUS What is up with mirrors?

Lately, I’ve been saying the stranger my psychic information is, the more likely it is going to happen in this lifetime. I haven’t been receiving many specific visions however I have been receiving more clairsentient feelings. To a Clairvoyant (psychic seeing in your mind’s eye or a projection outside of your peripheral vision) it can be a bit uncomfortable when your abilities begin to organically expand and all of a sudden you are now sensing all of the energy instead of the usual seeing! If you are a practicing Psychic or taking spiritual development classes with a trusted Mentor, you will probably already know which superpower you possess and then watch as it changes and grows as you do.

Here is what I have been feeling:

  • CERN collider did in fact, open multiple portals and have unleashed dense, darker entities. How would you know if this is true? I am including a link to a Youtube video <for all the skeptics out there>. For those of you who are sensitive, you will notice:
  1. More heavy energies in the air
  2. Seeing more spirit activity in your home ie seeing something move out of the corner of your eye and it disappears
  3. Being more tired and lethargic as usual
  4. Being waken up nightly more often around 3 am
  5. Having nightmares
  6. Random migraines
  7. Feeling sick for no apparent reason
  8. Feeling as though someone has done black magic or put a curse on you.
  9. Your business starts to fail after doing well.

This list has similar energy to a psychic attack.

Keep in mind, what I am about to share will sound even stranger than this list…

Mirrors are/can be used as portals to other dimensions.

I have seen firsthand using an SLS camera, a spirit/entity walking through a mirror in a bedroom!

Since CERN was turned on, more disasters have occurred and will continue to occur personally and in the collective. Seemingly “bad luck” in your life? You can thank the scientists who are running this massive bad idea. I have had a few clients who are having their children being woken all hours of the night, having second hand mirrors in their rooms and having marks on their neck upon waking.

I am going to share more on this Friday’s episode of The Singing Medium Podcast! Find out what I KNOW this Friday.

https://home.cern/: UPDATE ON CERN **PLUS What is up with mirrors?

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