Psychic Predictions {Reptilians Are in Charge}

As we know, October provides an even thinner spiritual veil between our world and the Spirit world/psychic realms. Due to the nature of how I receive these visions of the future, lately it has been clearer than usual. I see images that are sharper in focus, and the knowing is right on target. Everything has a Nostradamus feel to it (minus the accurate dates-I’m working on it ūüėČ ) Remember to read the following (or take a screenshot for future reference!) as neutrally as you can.

Psychic’s note: All predictions will come true before October 2024.

  • I had a vision of a “training room” with recruits wearing hazmat suits. The feeling was Climate Change enforcers.
  • Enforcement training¬†
  • Climate Camps¬†
  • Bombs going off (not Ukraine) ūüí£¬†
  • Increase in training police dogs
  • Crowds blocking everything¬†including: Train, roads, waterways, tractors making a blockade

Chinese communism plans to take over Canada. We will be a communist country but people will do everything they can to fight. 

Chinese military intervention 

  • Climate days-power out, no gas, food shortages¬†
  • Bartering with each other¬†
  • Exchange of services

Reptilians residing in the dark side of moon. Moon is a space station for them 

The evil ones in earth are sort of projections of the reptilians and bide their work. A lot of the plan to take over the world control comes from the reptilian .

What if there is an agreement between gov and reptiles to carry out their plan in exchange for not destroying earth?

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