10 Reasons to Take a Psychic Development Class

There is an increasing element in the consciousness of many people who have since experienced a spiritual awakening since 2020. Some of whom aren’t sure where to turn to next, feel stuck and can’t seem to take that next step forward in further discovering their innate abilities. It seems that there is a growing need for a safe space and those who are called to go deeper into their inner realms of intuitive hits may have found it with a Mentor they are drawn toward. This drawing closer or vortex-like pull is that higher wisdom within you all hold and may be ready to unleash the calling you’ve hidden for way too long.

How does one take that first step toward enhancing the knowings, feelings and ever-growing sensitivities? The first step is deciding that it is much more frustrating to keep these natural born tunings to yourself than it would be to just fully step into them, with or without that awareness of what could occur if one unlocked the tightly closed closet of their spiritual nature. We tend to create stories about the outcomes of our inner powers that usually never come to fruition and we lean more into the ideas of our. mind of how others will receive the intuitive us. Will our identities suffer if we reveal we have prophetic dreams or have visions that closely resemble our vivid imaginations?

From personal experience as a former spiritual closet dweller, I can confidently claim that it is highly likely the opposite will occur once you take a step toward ownership of your Divine gifts. I didn’t have the mental health professionals come to my door and whisk me away to place where doctors deem me unwell. In fact, I was welcomed by the community, other like-hearted individuals (who also had my gift) and I realized I was definitely not alone in my spidey senses.

I was able to feel true freedom and break out of a societal construct by taking my first Psychic class. I knew I had stepped into a place where I felt accepted and warm. I no longer felt like I was “making things up” in my mind and instead I tapped into the imagination (where our third eye resides and pulsates) and unleashed intuition 5.0.

I am still developing my psychic skills (even as a trusted Mentor and Teacher of my very own School of Spiritual Development). We only use roughly 10 percent of our gifts. Most of us are choosing to dumb them down out of fear of rejection from family/friends. We do have tools to help you drop the notions of fear of what will be or is to come as psychic information (visions or feelings usually come in neutrally). This is when taking a class on psychic development shows you how to acknowledge and harness the inner wisdom you wish to understand and expand.

(I also want to add that being a psychic isn’t something new. The history of Clairvoyants dates back centuries and many are respected.)

Ten Reasons to take a Psychic class:


  1. Expand Your Intuitive Abilities: Taking a psychic development class can help you to hone your natural intuitive abilities and learn techniques to help you use them more effectively.
  2. Increase Your Self-Awareness: Learning how to access and use your intuition can help you to become more aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.
  3. Learn About Your Energy: Spiritual development classes can provide you with an understanding of how your energy interacts with the energy of others.
  4. Connect Deeper With Spirituality: Through a psychic development class, you can learn how to connect with higher spiritual realms and divine sources. Meditation is key,
  5. Enhance Your Psychic Abilities: Classes like these can help you to develop your psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and empathy.
  6. Develop Your Self-Confidence: With a deeper understanding of yourself and your inner power, you can gain more self-confidence and a better sense of self-worth.
  7. Balance Your Life: Learning to access and use your intuition can help you to make more balanced decisions and create greater harmony in your life.
  8. Connect With Your Intuition: Through a psychic development class, you can learn how to access and trust your intuition, which can provide invaluable insights into your life.
  9. Learn Self-Healing: These classes can provide you with tools to help you heal yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  10. Gain a Deeper Understanding of Life: You can gain a deeper understanding of life and how to live it in alignment with your highest truth.

Ready to trust in the higher realms of consciousness?

Spring Classes are ready:

https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=22788649&appointmentType=40393482: 10 Reasons to Take a Psychic Development Class

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  1. Great post Jen. Marsha xo


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