2023 Psychic Predictions {As Heard on the Podcast}

After much anticipation, the psychic predictions for 2023 for the collective are here. As a Clairvoyant for many years, I see visions in my imagination that have a specific feeling to them. Many psychics work this way and perhaps you do as well! If you’ve ever had a feeling someone was pregnant and then they announced their news soon after, you are psychic. If you ever had a dream or visual in your mind of a car accident and it occurs, you are a psychic. Strong gut feelings that are honed and refined = psychic. Intuitive? Fancy word to hide behind your gifts. I decided long ago that it was much more freeing to share my abilities rather than lock them up inside. As soon as I realized what I was the feelings and visions meant, I had the key to begin my development journey.

While you’re pondering whether or not you have my capabilities (you do) here are a few of the psychic predictions I shared on episode 4 of The Singing Medium podcast this week:

  1. ZIKA virus 🦠 released into the air
  2. A comeback with record players and stereos

3. Realtors won’t be working 

4. Travel agents out of jobs 

5. Half of society will go forward with AI Tech and rest will go old School

BONUS: an elderly magical man with a long beard (think Sir Ian Mckellan aka Dumbledore or the old guy from Lord of the Rings) eerily pointed to a dark storm brewing and told me March 2023 would be when things got extremely chaotic and we will all be up in arms.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

The Singing Medium podcast:

https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-singing-medium-podcast/id1519433942?i=1000596608773: 2023 Psychic Predictions {As Heard on the Podcast}

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