*THE DREAM: Newest Psychic Predictions

Dreams are one of the most common forms of psychic energy/portals and indictors of being tapped into psychic abilities. I have noticed over the past year or so, more and more of the people I am coming into contact with are revealing to me vivid dreams of future events yet unable to understand their meanings. As a professional psychic is who also able to see into the future, most times the dream is missing some context. For example, with the prediction (came in the form of a dream) you will read below, I am missing the location and time frame in which this will occur. Due to the fact that 1. I remembered it upon wakening and 2. it was relating to something in my past personal experiences, I know that this will most likely occur soon. The feeling (clairsentient) is within a few weeks to one month.

There may be many reasons you hold which would have you feeling like you cannot share your vivid premonitions (dreams with prophetic information). The first may be due to fear of ridicule or rejection from those around you. Sharing these important prophecies is vital to assisting our collective communities prepare for future events. You may also choose not to share them due to the fact that you are concerned you may come across as “crazy” or mentally unwell. To be fair, there are events coming soon to our world that would have any normal human in a disbelieving state as it unfolds and is reported on the news. Whether you share or not, the dreams you are having are very real as if you are visiting the future (while sleeping/time travel/astral realm visits) and coming back to present moment (awake). Without training or guidance from a trusted Mentor, you will most likely keep your dreams to yourself but then one day, you will see the news and know that you were correct in the information that was downloaded into your consciousness while in a relaxed state where no judgement could cloud it.

When you understand what is happening, whether you are having very vivid dreams, or having strong feelings that something big is coming soon, (March 23) you are more equipped to feel comfortable discovering your innate skills that are within us all. A Divine Coding that is within your DNA and is yet to be fully activated. It is my hope that you will find the repetitive dreams/knowings/ feelings to be consistently validated and that you will investigate your inner abilities.

I have three spaces open for 1:1 Psychic Mentoring in which I help those who are newly coming online to these truths about who they are within a Soul and wish to explore them further. Click the link below after you read the new prediction:

  1. A private school shooting involving kindergarten students. The shooters are younger males (two). There are horses nearby as well as a garden. The S.W. A.T will be called in soon after this event begins.
  2. Something major will occur in MISSISSIPPI.
  3. Train derailment.

To begin your psychic studies:


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