Pattern Recognition vs. Psychic Ability

I have been seeing more posts on social media regarding the phenomena of pattern recognition or what is more commonly known as “conspiracy theorist”. While the patterns in the collective experiences are clearly there for all to recognize or see, most are either not allowing themselves to acknowledge the energy, or have chosen to turn the other way. Pattern recognition is defined as “Spatial positioning in the environment, remembering findings, and detecting hazards and resources to increase chances of survival are examples of the application of pattern recognition for humans and animals.” Wikipedia. Not to be confused with intuitive hits or gut feelings, this type of energy is based upon each individual’s upbringing and childhood environments. It also can be compared to “thinking the worst” or what’s the worst that could happen? programs that are embedded in many with traumas or PTSD. Catastrophizing (Catastrophizing involves believing that you’re in a worse situation than you really are or exaggerating your difficulties. It can be a symptom of anxiety or depression: Healthlink) is also closely linked to pattern recognition and is charged with emotional energy. If a person is always in fight or flight, they will always on be high alert and subconsciously always concerned in one’s environment.

With Psychic abilities, when one receives the information, there is NO emotional attachment to it. Each psychic who is open to clairvoyant images, clear feelings picked up from others and things to come, strong knowings of future events all should arrive with no emotional charge. This is the important distinction between pattern recognition and psychic abilities. When I share visions of other people’s lives and relationships, of course there is no attachment on my end. When sharing my global psychic information, even though it can seem terrifying, it is given to me neutrally. I would never be able to do this work day in and day out if it had a charge. This is how I can manage my own energy while staying in discernment with my work.

Whether developing your psychic gifts or you are currently a professional clairvoyant providing readings for individuals, you will always need to be self-aware. Firstly, it is imperative to know the difference between a pattern in the events that are unfolding on the world stage (patterns with government, politics, world events and war) and what the current earthly transition energetically or already written on the timeline will be. For example, a pattern recognitionist may say that there will be more and more train derailments or a New World Order is coming (already occurred so more will come-repetition). A PSYCHIC has the ability to tap into CLEAR feelings/intuitive hits, visions and knowings. It is the pureness of the developed psychic senses that differs from the pattern recognition. For example, I have a vision of a car accident that someone I know will be involved in. There is no pattern here. It has never occurred for them before. Another example of pure psychic information would be an event no one is expecting ie a President or King suddenly passing. There would also need to be a time or year when this occurs. This is just a few examples of psychic information. For more examples of the predictions <non-pattern recognition> you can visit past posts in this blog.

Lastly, conspiracy theories can be in between both worlds. Between the pure psychic realm and the pattern recognitions. I believe that those who are deemed conspiracy theorists are caught between the logic mind and intuition. It may seem illogical but it usually turns out to be true. Take for example all of those who posted about the government attempting to depopulate the world and then it was proven on multiple videos surfacing with the WEF admitting their plan. The intuitive part would be the feeling that someone was “off” during the pandemic.

Which one do you fall under?


One response to “Pattern Recognition vs. Psychic Ability”

  1. I love that you are making this very important distinction here. I have a bit of slippery slope as an Empath. I tend to intuit emotions, so it makes it difficult to separate, but I find it much easier now than before. When I get downloads of intuitive information, it is definitely without my own emotions attached to it.


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