Psychic Predictions {Reptilians Are in Charge}

As we know, October provides an even thinner spiritual veil between our world and the Spirit world/psychic realms. Due to the nature of how I receive these visions of the future, lately it has been clearer than usual. I see images that are sharper in focus, and the knowing is right on target. Everything has […]

UPDATE ON CERN **PLUS What is up with mirrors?

Lately, I’ve been saying the stranger my psychic information is, the more likely it is going to happen in this lifetime. I haven’t been receiving many specific visions however I have been receiving more clairsentient feelings. To a Clairvoyant (psychic seeing in your mind’s eye or a projection outside of your peripheral vision) it can […]

Unbelievable Psychic Predictions {As Heard on the Podcast}

I can’t believe how many psychic predictions there have been or rather how many I have received and shared over the past two years. There are probably over 200 of them and some of them are beginning to manifest-since my “psychic timeline” is usually around 2 years, that makes a lot of sense why you […]

Six-Months From Now-Psychic Visions

Occasionally, the visions are a wee blurry or have not quite concretely claimed their place on the multiverse timeline. This is when I, as a Professional Psychic, would choose to hang onto the impressions a bit longer just in case. I prefer as of late, to pursue a more risky path and share it regardless. […]

June 2022 and beyond Psychic Predictions

If you’re not a podcasting kind of person, you haven’t heard my latest psychic predictions I received in June for the upcoming timelines and beyond. Not to worry, I am ready to share them with you here on the blog NOW. As always, I am so grateful when you share with me when you see […]

Psychic Predictions *As Heard on the Podcast* July ’22 to Fall ’22

I didn’t realize I had only shared the *craziest* psychic predictions on The Singing Medium Podcast! I trust that those who are not fans of podcasts would also like to know some of the strangest future events to come… Psychic’s note: My timeline for how long it takes for the posted predictions will take to […]

The Scary Side of Using Psychedelics in Spiritual Retreats

Writer’s note: I am a big believer in the healing power/abilities of plant medicines as a tool to reaching greater levels of understanding of who you are. Medicines are not to be abused, disrespected or used alone. If used properly, you have a trusted support system in place who can help you integrate the teachings, […]

Summer 2022 Predictions

Oh boy! I have been hanging onto most of these crazy :0 predictions for almost a month now. I have a really big list for you to read over and as always, see if you can read them from a place of preparedness rather than fear. (Psychic’s note: a new way of “reading’ has occurred […]

Psychic Forecast May 2022 {As Heard on the Podcast}

As mentioned on The Singing Medium podcast, here are the latest psychic predictions to come: Oprah announcement (politics) Hunter Biden will go to jail. Hurricane Eastern U.S/Mexico Un-v will be allowed to board plane/mask mandate dropped Another lockdown. Late summer. Mask return. A massive gathering of people to protest mandates and v pass. <Separate from […]


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