Summer 2021 Psychic Predictions

Marshal Law enforce Military check points at major intersections (vision of a large barricade; parking meter with diagonal lines/stripes Hurricane/tornado June 2021 Eastern state possible Canada Placebo in shots. Revealed due to not enough vaxx. Placebo effect. Parks closed. Big mob tearing down fences. Helicopters rampant. Drones being used to watch over neighbourhoods. Vision ofContinue reading “Summer 2021 Psychic Predictions”

Some advice on jumping

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Sometimes we all get “stuck” in our perceived “ruts”; myself included. There are times when just don’t want to do the work and we dig our heels in kicking and screaming. We internally shout:  “NO! I don’t want to change!”  “It’s too hard to do the work” “I don’t haveContinue reading “Some advice on jumping”

I have been a fraud.

I have been a fraud.It wasn’t until yesterday that I fully realized this fact about myself. I guess I am being a tad harsh on myself but let me explain what happened:I watched a six minute video from someone I admire in the spiritual community. She was using her voice to explain why she allowsContinue reading “I have been a fraud.”

Spring Energy Forecast

Did you tune into the A1R Psychic Radio program tonight? If not, you missed some very important messages that came through! I touched on something heavy on my heart and then I shared the upcoming ENERGETIC forecast for March/April 2021. Read on! The idea of “escapism” in your personal life will come to a head.Continue reading “Spring Energy Forecast”

NEW! Predictions: Back to the Future

I’ve been needing to reset my “computer” system (ie. myself) and have been upgrading it at the same time. We all have “operating systems” that can malfunction, need clearing and restarting/rebooting. When we are in this type of energy within ourselves, it’s really important that we don’t push or force anything; especially our spiritual gifts.Continue reading “NEW! Predictions: Back to the Future”

A New Regime: Predictions

I have started to review some past predictions because Spirit keeps repeating this to me: “A new regime is being born.” a government, especially an authoritarian one.”ideological opponents of the regime”Similar:government authorities system of government rule reign dominion sovereignty jurisdiction authority control command administration establishment direction management leadership 2.a system or planned way of doingContinue reading “A New Regime: Predictions”


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