Lyrical Psychic Messages from Spirit: PART 1

Grab your headphones and listen close. Lyrical messages from Spirit for the current week of December 7, 2020: No One is to Blame-Howard Jones 2. Wooden Soldiers-Harry Connick 3. Crazy-Gnarls Barkley 4. How Bizarre-OMC There are 7 more songs to come in Part 2! Want to get them first right in your inbox? Subscribe now:

NEW! Psychic Predictions

WOW. Just when I think I can’t possibly receive more psychic information for the Global energy…BAM. More come in. Note to self: the bathtub is a potential portal. 😉 I received the following visions/knowings. In the Spiritual world, seeing visions is called Clairvoyance; while knowing is called Claircognizance. For my Psychic gifts, (which differ fromContinue reading “NEW! Psychic Predictions”


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