The Psychic Predictions that Happened: Part 1

Over the course of the past two years, I have been publishing my popular psychic predictions. The visions began back in February 2020, yet I cannot seem to locate those blogs for some strange reason. I have compiled a list of the predictions that have COME TRUE so far: September 2020 Canadian Government will enforce […]

Why I Quit Using Tarot Cards

About a year or so ago, probably mid-pandemic, I ended my co-dependent relationship with the Tarot. The Queen of Swords and I were through forever. Ah, the swords. Let me share with you why. I used to LOVE tarot. I had at least 30 different decks sitting on my little white Ikea shelf in my […]

10 Signs You May Be a Medium

Back when I was teaching Kindergarten and raising my four small children, I had no idea. No future visions, no psychic inclinations or hints, no time to meditate and I certainly had no idea I was spiritually gifted. I was just “trying to get through my day” like any other Momma out there and make […]

Psychic Prediction-6 months from now

After seeing the footage of Northern B.C and the massive flooding, I don’t know if I really love my spiritual gifts Since realizing that I had psychic abilities, I have always questioned Spirit as to why I was able to “see” future disasters. Not to mention being asked to share them to the public! What […]

September to January Psychic predictions

Hold onto your hats. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Even I am like,”OHMYGOD. When is this going to be over?’ I am also with you <unless you’re an angry soul who is part of the division right now then I am not ;)> I am told this is temporary. I am told it […]

NEW*** Psychic Predictions 08*20*21

This week, I have been granted more access into the Psychic Realm where all “future” events exist. Some are well, not so fun to read yet there are a few humorous predictions to remind us it’s ok to try keep things light and fun in the midst of our chaotic world when appropriate 😉 I […]

Psychic Predictions for Fall 2021

I have been putting this off for weeks now. Part of me was waiting until I had one hundred percent claircognizance behind the vision but when working with the Spirit world <Psychic Realm> there is always a slight questioning of the info-simply because of how it communicates with each individual Psychic. Then I saw a […]

I was once asked by a family who owned a local business to come visit their factory because they were having various inexplicable complications. Things like machines constantly breaking down and needing expensive repairs even after being fixed, feelings of being frozen and suddenly chilled plus slow and lack of sales. They had an incredible […]

Urgent: Psychic Predictions Summer ’21

In a past prediction blog, I shared with you the song, “Cruel Summer” by Bananarama. This has come up louder now and the energy is building. Read on to see what I am about to psychically predict: The G.o.V is planning to eventually shut down most of the power sources (feels like Ontario). I see […]

Explosive: Psychic Predictions

My predictions seem to have the next day up to six-weeks timeline…I feel these ones may be a bit further in to history (future 😉 ) or are repeating timelines from the far ago past major global events. The first part is the energy behind the censorship ban that was passed a few days ago […]


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