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10 Reasons to Take a Psychic Development Class

There is an increasing element in the consciousness of many people who have since experienced a spiritual awakening since 2020. Some of whom aren’t sure where to turn to next, feel stuck and can’t seem to take that next step forward in further discovering their innate abilities. It seems that there is a growing need…

Psychic Predictions {Reptilians Are in Charge}

As we know, October provides an even thinner spiritual veil between our world and the Spirit world/psychic realms. Due to the nature of how I receive these visions of the future, lately it has been clearer than usual. I see images that are sharper in focus, and the knowing is right on target. Everything has…

UPDATE ON CERN **PLUS What is up with mirrors?

Lately, I’ve been saying the stranger my psychic information is, the more likely it is going to happen in this lifetime. I haven’t been receiving many specific visions however I have been receiving more clairsentient feelings. To a Clairvoyant (psychic seeing in your mind’s eye or a projection outside of your peripheral vision) it can…

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