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June Psychic Horoscopes

Here are your psychic predictions for the month of June using your Sun Sign, Moon or Rising signs. Find out what is in store for you personally as I tap into the general population for each Astrological meaning: Aries (March 21-April 19) Aries, you can find yourself faced with a dilemma this month as you…

Summer Tarot for LOVE

I used to write many blogs using the tarot and then one day I stopped loving the cards. I found that my gifts were growing exponentially and I felt I no longer needed them as a tool in my work. I am grateful to the tarot for it taught me many things. Today, I am…

**Major Disasters in the Future

I have had a quiet few weeks regarding any psychic predictions or visions to share with you. Here are a few insights that suddenly came to me: Chemtrails in the sky Photo: Shuttershock I also had a vision of a dark tunnel where many negative entities were released into the world to do harm. Make…

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