The Freedom Protest Predictions

It makes a lot of sense to me now, especially as a Psychic that the predictions of the past I have written are finally beginning to come true. Thinking back to the Lyrical Predictions of last year: Revolution by the Beatles, Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit and more you can read here: all beginning to take shape on the timeline of history.

Last night, I tapped into the Akashic Records (remember that podcast episode?) of the Freedom Protest taking place in Ottawa and here is what was shown to me on a few pages {take note that each page only contained ONE word on them and I am not allowed to see anymore than what was given-laws of the Akashic}

Page 1: Insurgence <meaning: an act of rising in active revolt>

Page 2: Tanks

Page 3: Trudeau arrested (up to two years from now)

Page 4: Insurrection <meaning: a violent uprising against an authority or government>

Remember this song I predicted:

The Akashic book of this experience was then closed to me.

To hear the podcast:

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