10 Signs You May be Psychic AF

I had no idea I was psychic.

The first memory I have that I possibly was connected to the psychic realms was when I was in my early 30’s and I had an appointment to go to. The night before our scheduled session, I had a vivid dream where I was standing on the unmoved lawn of the home office and then suddenly was inside the office. There were floor to ceiling bookshelves full of old books. I could see the tapestry of the rug on the floor. The most incredible sight I observed in this very-real-to-me dream was the tiny dragon figurines haphazardly placed in different spots in the room.

The next day, when I arrived for my real-life appointment, you can probably sense what I saw when I pulled into the driveway…. every thing I had seen in the dream previously was there. The lawn had not been mowed, inside there were floor to ceiling bookshelves and of course, the tiny dragon figurines were right where I had “seen” them the night before in my dream.

Now being a younger mom of three kids at the time, I didn’t really have the time or mental capabilities to really analyze or “figure out” what had just happened. I was too busy wiping ketchup off cute little faces and getting hit by Spiderman silly string.

I do recall after that experience though really feeling pulled to books written by Sylvia Browne. I would scour the local library shelves in the back corner section (because back then, psychic books were not front and centre like they may be now) and would sit on the floor of the poorly lit halls with a baby in my lap. I was intrigued. This curiosity didn’t stick around long and I soon fell back into my mom-world. I didn’t know that this pull to the psychic realm would return one day with a striking vengeance.

Over the years, I can now recall a handful of “psychic” experiences. A phone call from a relative in the middle of the night was my earliest “premonition”. A claircognizance (a knowing) that someone was telling my Dad that my Grandma had a heart attack and then hearing the footsteps upstairs of my parents getting ready to go to the hospital. Little did I know that these seemingly small premonitions would one day turn into something I did professionally!

Here are some signs you are probably psychic, too:

You have dreams about events or experiences and they happen shortly after.

You have strong gut feelings about people but you ignore them.

You know your friend or co-worker is pregnant (with a boy) and you discover they are a few weeks later. (Have some blue cake for me!)

You hear a voice in your ear that isn’t yours, telling you to do something. (You won’t 😉 )

You feel like you need to leave a place that seems ok to be in.

You feel sick suddenly before you’re supposed to go to an appointment.

You feel other people’s energy and take it on as your own. (Part of training your psychic abilities means to create strong boundaries so you do not become a victim to the energy of the collective and call yourself an empath)

You hear a song on the radio and feel like it is trying to tell you something important (it is)

You constantly have songs playing in your head.

You see “movies” in your mind’s eye when you are meditating or falling asleep.

These are just a few examples of how to deem if you are psychic or not (you are) I can only share this one important guideline: If you have a strong pull or feeling towards something, there is a reason. The more you ignore your abilities, the more frustrated you will become and thus shut them off. You would require a Mentor or take a class to assist you in understanding how important this gift is. If I had not taken my very first class in Psychic Development, I would not be a Medium. I would not be a Psychic who can predict the world events. I would still be wondering what my dreams meant. I would not trust Spirit completely in how I navigate my life. You must let go of the story that you are not something. You are everything and working on your skills will help you grow in ways you could never comprehend 🙂

I am not even going to put the link to my Psychic Level 2 Class here. If you know, you know.



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